3 brunch-worthy outfits for now

13th October / Abbie Tanner 

Here at YSV, we’re certainly ones to over indulge in a boozy brunch, and luckily for us, most of our friends will say the same thing too. Hey, who doesn’t love a bloody mary just gone 11am! Glam Friday and Saturday nights have been replaced (only just) by fizz-fuelled mornings spent Instagramming our avo on toast – it’s official, weekends are for brunching.

Let’s be honest, prosecco and bacon is a great kickstart to your day – especially as it’s about to get too cold to go out past 8pm. Our advice? Start early, finish early! Sounds fun, right? But, what do you wear? It’s got to be a perfect hybrid of an outfit that’s not too dressy, yet not too casj… what does that even mean? Don’t panic, all you need to think about is what’s on the menu, we’ve got the brunch-ready looks, covered…

Clash your prints on top and keep the bottom classic

Who knew polka dots and leopard print look so good together. Style the loud pairing with classic mom jeans and loafers for casj style with an edge.

brunch 1

L-R – M&S Coat – £89Gucci Slipper – £495 / Debenhams Bag – £19.99Topshop jeans – £40 / La Redoute Shirt – £25

Just rolled out of bed but with a polished finish

Hoodies and biker jackets are one of our favourite combos. Keep your trainers fresh white and add a statement earring for an outfit that’s got this season written all over it.

brunch 2

L-R – River Island Jacket – £120 / Raey Cami Top – £120 / Mango Earrings – £9.99 / Next Jeans – £32 / Topshop Hoodie / Adidas Trainers – £69.99

Skirts that work from AM to PM

A corduroy skirt is one of this season’s biggest buys. Layer with a gorgeous chunky knit and finish with classic knee-high boots so if brunch plans turn into pub plans you’ll fit right in.

brunch 3

L-R – La Redoute Jumper – £59 / John Lewis Earrings – £29 / Miss Selfridge Skirt – £28 / Topshop T-shirt – £16.99 / Office Boots – Was £125, Now £80 / New Looks Bag – £9.99




Erica’s food files: Ember Yard, Soho

2nd October 2017 / Erica Cohen

I’d just returned from a surreal 5-week eastern European adventure, having eaten a lifetime’s worth of goulash, sausage and potato dumplings. I was back in London, looking forward to trying some different taste sensations whilst catching up with friends.  This essentially involved a week of eating my own body weight in world food, and several gallons of Aperol Spritz, (clearly, not ready to embrace winter just yet).


My friend Lottie suggested Ember Yard, part of the famed Salt Yard Group, in our old stomping ground of Soho for a little catch-up.  Its fresh take on Italian and Spanish tapas was just the ticket for my welcome-back-to-London-dining supper.   We started with some dishes from their tapas menu (plates from £5 – £11) and then worked backwards with some sides from the charcuterie and bar snacks menu. Did I mention they have their very own custom built Baroque-style grill, for authentic Mediterranean cooking over charcoal and wood?  Jazzy, right?


I went for the Sea Bass Carpaccio, which came with stunning bright green chive oil, smoked tomatoes and anchovies.  The saltiness of the anchovies, encased in a light tempura, was the perfect partner to the clean and light sea bass.  Lottie’s choice of Cornish Plaice, Mussels and Sea Aster was an Instagramable dream topped off with a gorgeous saffron dressing. We chose their light and limey Blanc de Morgex, the notes of citrus worked wonders with our fishy dishes. We shared the Courgette Flower which was stuffed with Monte Enebro goat’s cheese and drizzled ever so delicately with honey (I’m assuming from the fanciest of Spanish bees?)


Curious to sample their bar snacks, we opted for their Chips and Smoked Chorizo Skewers which came with a dreamy saffron aioli.  The unsalted chips had a distinctly un-chip like flavour which may be due to being fried in Iberico pork fat as opposed to regular oil – they were different and delicious all the same.

Service was quick and staff are clearly masters of the menu, suggesting and advising based on our personal foodie preferences. The same menu is available throughout their two-story restaurant and the kitchen is open till midnight Thursday-Saturday, which makes it the perfect place for a late night post-theatre treat.

Word of warning, do not go to Ember Yard ravenously hungry, even going by their 3 plate each suggestion, we could have happily kept eating.  Indeed, Ember Yard is all about incredible taste combinations and savouring the flavour of their fresh, locally sourced creations.  Our night of tapas and travelling tales did not disappoint!

Salt Yard Group is a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Group; all 5 of their central London restaurants have been awarded a two-star Food Made Good Sustainability Rating.





Would you trust your dentist to do your botox?

26th September 2017 / Abbie Tanner

Your Style Vaults meets… Dr Krystyna


Getting, and looking older is always at the top of our discussion list (the prosecco-fuelled weekends probably don’t help), so anything – be it surgical or non-surgical – to help us fight the hands of time is always a win in our eyes. We’re obsessed with the latest beauty hacks, getting enough sleep (well, except at the weekend!) and how to make the most of what we’ve got.

In the market for Botox? Finally, want to give in to teeth whitening? We say go for it. If it makes you feel better about yourself then why not make fewer trips to the pub and turn those drinking tokens into beauty tokens – the after-effects will be so much more rewarding than a hangover, that’s for sure.

Once the funds are saved, choosing the right procedure and clinic is a MUST, so if you’re treating yourself to new dentist work or a subtle lip-filler, then treat yourself right and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Enter Dr Krystyna… a fully qualified dentist with a passion for cosmetic dentistry, Botox and dermal fillers. As a member of The British Dental Association, the Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Dental Surgery and the International Team for Implantology, she is trusted professional. 

We wanted to pick her brains about why choosing a dentist for facial aesthetics is always the best route…

YSV: How did it all begin?

Dr K: Being a dentist was always my passion, both my parents were dentists and they inspired me to study the profession myself. Once I had finished my dental degree and began working in practice, I realised I was able to expand and pursue other avenues within the profession. I naturally gravitated towards facial aesthetics and cosmetics because I wanted to be able to offer people a service that enhanced their appearance. I find it very satisfying to offer my patients opportunities to advance both their dental and facial cosmetic issues and improve their personal confidence as a result.



Image credit: @drkrystyna

YSV: Why are dentists best placed to offer facial aesthetics?

Dr K: The truth is dentists are actually ideally placed to perform facial aesthetics treatments since we have undergone 5 years of undergraduate training focusing solely on the face! The intensive training and education of a dental degree give the most specialised understanding and surgical skills to undertake facial cosmetic treatment. We have an in-depth knowledge of oro-facial anatomy: musculature, blood supply, neural supply and function so can be precise with the application of cosmeceuticals and neurotoxins. We can fully control and remove pain through anaesthesia. Risk factors are also minimised through the technical skill of dental training with empathy and sensitivity to provide the best care for every patient being ideally met in a dental practice environment.

YSV: Any advice for someone looking to embark on facial aesthetic treatment?

Dr K: My advice is to take the time to find a reputable practitioner who is appropriately qualified. Ensure the clinic is clean and safe, and the materials used are licensed and registered. Worryingly, there are a lot of fake clinics which could lead to disastrous consequences. Would you really want to risk it for a cheap deal? 

YSV: What treatments do you offer?

Dr K: The Dr.Krystyna clinics offer a wide range of high quality, bespoke dental cosmetic and facial aesthetic treatments. Tooth whitening, Invisalign clear braces and composite tooth bonding are all available to get you to that winning smile. Botox/Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler to treat all areas of the face and neck to give people a more natural, youthful appearance or to enhance one’s lips, cheeks or chins. I also can use botox to combat excessive underarm sweating and jaw clenching habits!

YSV: What’s the diff between botox and fillers?

Dr K: Botox and dermal fillers do different things but can be used in complementary fashion. Botox is a muscle relaxer and dermal fillers, as their name implies fill lines or can be used to add volume. Botox is injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles and relaxes them to reduce the signs of ageing. Dermal facial fillers, on the other hand, are used to add volume to the skin and lips to hydrate and plump. Botox lasts up to 6-9 months whilst fillers last between 12-18 months depending on the area and type used.

YSV: As a London-based girl boss, where do you go to enjoy your free time? If you have any that is!

Dr K: Well, I’ve recently become a founding member of The Curtain Hotel so spent the summer on their rooftop! Some more of my fave bar and restaurants include The Ace Hotel, Village East, Bistrotech and The Hoxton Hotel. I also like to go to Boxpark in Shoreditch for casual weekday hangout. 


Image credit: The Curtain

YSV: What’s the future for Dr.K?

Dr K: Ideally, I would like to expand and build the Dr Krystyna clinic and brand itself in the London, Surrey and Essex areas. I aim to become an approachable and trustworthy name which provides clients easy accessibility to the treatments they desire. 

Discover more about what Dr Krystyna can do for you HERE.

Follow the clinics latest Instagram updates HERE.




10 things to get you through a booze-free October

Wednesday 25th September / Gabriela Czwarnos

Guilty as charged, I do love a drink (or five). Whether it be my favourite prosecco on summer days (and nights), gin and tonic when I am ‘OUT OUT’ or an espresso martini, well, I guess just for LOLs. If you have a big group of friends, and what’s more, love meeting new ones, it takes an ocean of booze to survive weekends.

Not feeling sorry for myself, but frankly my good old Halifax has been stretched to the max lately and my poor liver can’t handle the party as well as it used to. So here, at the Vaults, we are doing Stoptober (https://www.gosober.org.uk/) and saying goodbye to booze for 30 days. No jokes.

It seems impossible, so to help ourselves and anyone else out there who is swapping their wine for tea, we’ve put together some top tips of how to survive the hardest 30 days of year… you’re welcome!


Tell it to EVERYONE

According to The American Society of Training and Development, if you commit to others that you will do something, you have 95% more chances to actually stick to it! So, go on, tell your family, friends, and work mates. Also, chances are that they might stop the usual Friday nagging “go on, let’s go for a one!”.

It takes two

Let’s face it, you will need all the support and help you can get. Find yourself another brave soul that wants to stop drinking for October and text them whenever you feel like you want to give up. You can set a report time (7pm, also known as a wine o’clock) to give each other a pep talk call.

Join the gym

Since your Friday evenings are now freed up, as well as those Saturday mornings that are usually wasted on hangovers, you might as well get fit. Gyms and classes are usually empty on Friday nights/Saturday mornings and that leaves you with no excuses. Make sure you choose pre-booked classes, where they charge you if you don’t show up. Money is always the most powerful motivator.

Go on, treat yourself!

I swear this is what my credit card whispers to me when I am hesitating at Zara’s till. Quitting drinking is simply removing a comfort from your life, which – if not replaced – will probably affect your motivation. If you usually stay for three G&T’s after work on Friday, you are allowed that new top at the end of the week. Simple as that!

Boost your endorphins

There is an actual research that proves the obvious: alcohol does make us happy. How? It releases feel-good chemicals (endorphins) in a part of our brain often referred to as the ‘pleasure centre’. Since you are not allowed to boost them with a glass of wine look for alternatives. Scientists got some good news for us here: that includes having sex (it not only boosts your endorphin levels but also releases the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin, which makes you feel all warm and jolly), gorging on chocolate (cocoa contains mood-boosting substances) or… lighting a vanilla candle (researchers found that this specific smell can help ease anxiety and make you feel more relaxed).

Out of sight out of mind

That wine bottle left in the fridge will be staring at you and calling your name, trust me. Get rid of any alcohol that is left in the house. There is absolutely no need to test your willpower right now.

Stay busy

Never leave your mind unattended, most likely it will start wandering off towards stupid ideas, like going for a drink. Join an art class, start learning a new language, go rock climbing, get sucked in a new boxset … whatever you do, just STAY BUSY. This is a perfect opportunity to do all those things you never got around doing.

Mocktail, anyone?

Most of us are ‘social’ drinkers – let’s face it, what else would you do than meet for a drink with your friends? There are many non-alcoholic options that will make you feel like you’re OUT OUT without getting tipsy. If you are a fan of gin just go for a tonic water with lots of fresh lime. Carry a small squash in your handbag and ask a barman to fill a wine glass with ice and soda water. Don’t forget about a straw. If it looks like a proper drink hopefully it will trick your mind into thinking it actually is! Every little helps.

Think: rewards

The rewards for surviving a month with no booze are endless.

Number one: health

You will sleep better as alcohol can disturb the two crucial parts of your sleep – Slow Wave Sleep, which helps your body to reboot, and REM Sleep, which is the part when you learn and remember.

Alcohol dehydrates your body generally, but you will see it first on your skin as it will worsen the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also packed with sugar, which causes the skin to sag and triggers spots (famous post-drinking acne). ‘Wine Face’, anyone?

Let’s not forget about your liver. That little trooper breaks down alcohol into carbon dioxide, water and fat. When you have one too many, the fat can build up, causing a “fatty liver”. Fortunately, the problem usually disappears when you stop drinking excessively.

Number two: money

Three drinks on thirsty Thursday and a night out on Saturday can easily add up to at least 100 pounds. Times four, it adds up to quite a nice sum – just enough to book tickets to Bali.

Number three: weight

If you didn’t get your summer body this year (yet), Stoptober is your best bet. Alcohol is packed with empty calories and sugar so it can easily ruin your healthy diet and fitness regime, one bottle at a time. To give you an idea, 3 glasses of wine (large, of course) are about 450 calories. Same as a Snickers or a double cheeseburger. Also, let’s face it – no one tucks into a salad after getting home tipsy. Add your after-party fast food binge to a bottle of wine and you will end up probably doubling your daily calorie allowance.

Make friends with non-drinkers

… ok, forget that we all know that’s just not going to happen.




This week we tried: Barrecore

25th September 2017 / Abbie Tanner

Here at the Vaults, we enjoy the feel-good factor that comes with exercise; the rush of endorphins, the physical changes, the increase of energy. However, the dragging-your-arse to the gym factor, hmm not so much.

Running into oblivion on a treadmill isn’t our favourite way to burn those cals so we’re always on the hunt for awesome new workouts that are not only result-noticing but enjoyable.

Enter, Barrecore. A favourite with Victoria’s Secret models such as Jourdan Dunn, Eva Herzigova and Arizona Mews, Barrecore classes fuse yoga, Pilates and ballet techniques with gentle weight-training exercises to elongate muscles and create toned physiques. And with founder Niki Rein, proclaiming that ‘in just a couple of weeks of taking 2-3 sessions a week, clients see fat melting, metabolism boosting and mood improving results’, we can see why this trendy workout has become super popular. And after a few classes, we can totally vouch for that.

Signature Express.png

It’s a fast-moving and efficient workout that yes, made us hurt, but in that weird enjoyable way – it was a class that has us yearning for more. The enthusiastic instructor and her incredibly toned body were so encouraging (seriously, her abs), that holding tricky poses for a little longer seemed possible.


If you’re wondering whether previous dance experience is necessary then fear not, it’s ultimately still a fitness workout with only 20% being dance-based movements. This is easy to follow choreography that focuses on getting your body leaner, stronger and longer. Something that we can really get on board with. We’ll be rocking those crop tops in no time. Maybe a bit extreme, but you get the idea.

They have studios nationwide so why not see what’s near you. Book your first class HERE, you won’t regret it.