3 London-based date spots to hit once you’ve swiped right

2nd March / Abbie Tanner

Single? Live in London? Well with 8 million people and probably most of them without a better half then you’d think that the chance in finding ‘the one’ would be pretty high. Well, think again, the odds of meeting that dreamy fella – if all left down to fate – are one in 394, according to ‘Countdown’ mathematician Rachel Riley, making the whole online dating frenzy a lot easier to understand. Sod fate, get swiping.

Over at YSV we’re career-minded women with bustling social lives and an addiction to box sets, so finding the time to date is pretty tough. But, to be in with a chance of finding that dream man (if he exists?) then you’ve got to put yourself or there. By that we mean, date. With Tinder, Happn and Bumble acting as the new Cupid you’d assume it’s never been easier to get online, have a swipe about, enjoy a few drinks, then BOOM: boyfriend. Well trust us when we say we have tried. From Soho to the East end of London and beyond (namely Essex, one of the team has a penchant for the accent), we have explored the latest dating hot spots and have even re-visited some of our favourites (and no, not with the same guy…). So with that in mind, we thought why not share our top 3 London date places with you. So when you’re ready to get get swiping, tapping, or actually meet men IRL then you’ll have a few bars already up your sleeve to suggest.

68 and Boston

Want to impress? After a luxe-but-not-wanky-luxe location? Then girls, this is the place. It’s intimate but not tiny, the staff are wonderful (always poised for a date situation), the bar nibbles are divine and the prosecco is only £20 a bottle. Yes, we did just say £20 a bottle. They also have the most velvety espresso martinis, we can confirm this.

Martello Hall

If you live in East London and haven’t paid a visit to this new drinking and eating establishment then where have you been? We would totally recommend this for a chilled second date or, a day date. Martello Hall shuts at 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, plus they boost a tasty cocktail menu, so if one drink turns into 10 then you can both stay and dance the date away. Sounds like a great night to us.

Rum Place

Dark, intimate and a little bit sexy, Rum Place is a great option for a first date. Situated just off Oxford Street, it has a cool vibe with conversation-starting interiors and a super cool cocktail menu. Don’t let their rum-based cocktail menu put you off if rum isn’t your usual tipple of choice, we went their first hand to sample and can confirm they’re all delicious.


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