How to be a girl boss: Bridget O’Keefe from Blush + Blow

18th October 2017 / Abbie Tanner

Your Style Vaults meets… Bridget O’Keefe


Here at YSV, we’re all for shouting about awesome women, especially those like us; in their early thirties, London-living, career-minded and juggling a multitude of passions and side hustles. So naturally, after reading about Bridget (founder of Blush + Blow – Fulham’s hottest blow-dry and beauty bar) in the likes of Harper’s Bazaar & Grazia, we HAD to chat to her…

YSV: So, how did Blush & Blow begin – does the salon have something that sets it apart? What was the moment you realised you wanted to embark on launching your own business?

Bridget: With a background as a makeup artist and blow dry enthusiast I realised a gap in the market for a Blowdry bar with a full beauty offering. There are lots of wonderful blow dry bars in London, as well as many amazing beauty salons, but none that have combined their offering, and so Blush + Blow was born. I realised that launching my own business was going to be the only way I would be able to work in an environment that was customer focussed, technically great and satisfied the gap in the market. Blush + Blow is somewhere you can go for a fun, friendly, and professional experience with you, the customer, at the centre of our focus.


Image credit: Blush + Blow

YSV: Who was a big part in helping you launch the salon? Who inspired you?

Bridget: My father is my true inspiration. He has taught me how to be a girl boss and held my hand every step of the way. Given that I work in the beauty industry, it’s not hard to surround yourself with women in business and through osmosis, I have become a big believer in empowering woman both in business and by making them feel sassy with every visit they pay us. Jess Psaila who runs our PR agency, Gloss + Glow, is another support that I couldn’t do without. Her belief in my brand and tireless effort at growing it has been humbling!

YSV: You literally do everything, is multi-pampering something your clients do? Come in for hair, nails and beauty all in one hit?

Bridget: Totally! We always try to find out why our clients are with us for their visit. There are generally three answers: to be pampered, to escape their lives or to be in and out ASAP. For the latter, we are able to do blow dries and manis, lashes and waxing and makeup and hair all at the same time. We get that there are lots of busy girls out there so we try to limit their time with us so that they can get in, get glammed and get out into the big bad world to slay it with great hair and sparkly nails!


Image credit: Blush + Blow

YSV: How do you use social media? Do you find it has had an impact on your success?

Bridget: Social media is hard to ignore in any industry, especially the beauty industry, so keeping my finger on the pulse is so important to make sure you are getting noticed through an informative, attractive and different news feed. I do love Instagram, to the dismay of my poor boyfriend, who has reluctantly given in to being an Instagram husband.

YSV: What was the best piece of advice you ever got? And, the worst? 


The best piece of advice I was ever given was that I get to decide how to react to anything in life, with friends or men. It is so empowering to be able to master that!

The worst was being told that I could pull off a bob hairstyle.

YSV: You have been featured in some top publications; from Harper’s Bazaar to Grazia and Metro! Give us the lowdown on your most favourite client/job. 

Bridget: My most memorable and therefore favourite client I ever had was actually when I worked on the counter at Chanel. I will never forget her! She was middle-aged and had never had her makeup done by anyone before. She was the sort of person who had the wrong colour foundation and a few samples from magazines floating around in her makeup bag. She was going out for lunch with a friend who convinced her to pop into Chanel. I chatted away whilst I did her face and when it came to the big reveal, she couldn’t believe how beautiful she felt. The feeling of being beautiful is all that matters, regardless of how you look to anyone else. She came back at the end of my shift that day and told me that she was approached by 2 separate strangers that afternoon who told her she had the most beautiful smile. I was so touched by how I had affected her confidence. The magazines are great but ultimately I get the biggest kick from making women feel invincible and sassy!

YSV: When you’re not working, where do you like to hang out in London?

Bridget: Growing up in South Africa I am used to being able to do everything outside so when the weather is good I take advantage of it and take my dog out to Wimbledon common for a walk in the summer months. In winter you will find me in a pub with a roaring fire and a glass of red wine.

Discover more about what Bridget O’Keefe can do for you HERE.

Follow them for their latest Instagram updates HERE.


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