Wine + dinner = winner!

13th October 2017 / Gabriela Czwarnos

Some say you become an adult when you get your first 9-5 job. Others, when you move in with your partner or start to enjoy staying in. In reality, that breakthrough moment is when you actually bother to spend time choosing wine for your dinner, instead of going for that £5 bottle of Blossom Hill.


So as a prime example of full-time adulting, we now know choosing a wine that pairs well with your meal can turn a great dinner into a fantastic one. The question is, which one? With help from James Hocking, Director of Wine, The Vineyard Cellars & The Vineyard hotel, we have chosen a selection of food-friendly wines to go with some of the most popular dinner choices…


James says: ‘Syrah and steak are a match made in heaven’.

Our choice: Bushland Shiraz NV, Australia, Aldi, £4.59

Of all the red wine grape varieties, one of the most versatile and tasty is syrah, which is also known as shiraz. Our favourite shop (self-claimed budget queens right here), Aldi sells this rich in dark fruits flavours and vanilla oak aroma bottle for… £4.59. Sorry, is that two bottles clunking away in your basket?

White Fish and seafood

James says: ‘Chardonnay is just great with seafood’.

Our choice: Marques de Casa Concha Chardonnay, Chile, Tesco, £13

Light yellow in colour, rich and vibrant, there is no question that Chardonnay is the nation’s favourite wine. This affordable bottle serves up tasty white pear, mineral notes and toasty hazelnut. Deeply concentrated with a silky texture and a fresh, long finish. Warning: you most likely won’t be able to stop topping up.

Roast Dinner

James suggests Cabernet Sauvignon, which matches well to all the different elements of your classic sunday roast.

Our choice: Katnook Founder’s Block, Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Australia, £11.99

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most recognised red wine grape varieties. The wine is dry (not sweet) and has a high level of tannin, which is why your mouth dries out when you sip it. This particular South Australian deep red wine is packed with notes of plums and redcurrants, with a smoky savoury finish. What’s not to love?


James says: ‘Roussanne/Viognier. These aromatic white grapes are just the thing to match to creamy pasta dished’.

Our choice: Marananga Dam Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, 2016, Australia, £15.00

Good old M&S offers this lifted, floral and fragrant dry white wine with richness and a superb length of flavour. Full of texture, the combination of flavours will inject a little bit of class to your basic carbonara.

Shepherd’s Pie

James says: ‘The lightness of Pinot Noir works so well with this British classic’.

Our choice: Daydream Pinot Noir 2015, Australia, £9.99

A bright, vibrant red wine, gently aromatic, with notes of red fruits, violets, spice and wood smoke. You will be able to trace some strawberry notes and plum flavours too. An uber elegant option for under a tenner: winner!





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