What to wear if you work from home

9th October 2017 / Abbie Tanner

Working for yourself has never been more prevalent than now; our obsession with online has created a boom in freelancers which means most people’s offices are their bed, kitchen table or local coffee shop.

Working in your pj’s does sound like the dream; no reason to slap on foundation, brush your hair (or is that just us?) or worry about being stuck under someone’s armpit for the daily commute. However, if you’re as fashion-obsessed as we are then working from home leaves little to the imagination on the outfit front. Trying not to fall into that sweatpants rut is tough – it’s the first thing we do when we get home, so a whole day spent in them does sound divine. But isn’t that what Sunday’s are for?

So, if you want to get those creative juices flowing, what should you wear for that bedroom-come-office situation? We’ve picked the perfect work-from-home outfit choices: cosy jumpers, cashmere joggers that would be totally suitable to answer the door in (another WFH perk, you’re always in to sign for your online shopping!) and relaxed boyfriend shirts for that smart but casual vibe should a skype call be in the diary.

Don’t worry we don’t want to totally swipe away those comfy leggings but just show you that creating a working from home uniform will definitely be better for business.


H&M Wide Trousers, £39.99, available here


Topshop Jumper, £65, available here


M&S Cashmere Joggers, £99, available here


Ugg Slippers, £79.99, available here


Whistles Cashmere Jumper Dress, £199, available here 


ASOS Cardigan, £32, available here


ASOS Boyfriend Shirt, £26, available here



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